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Ben Poate

Ben Poate

Ben Poate

| VP of Sustainability and Innovation, The Marketing Store

Ben Poate,
VP Sustainability and Innovation

Ben is responsible for leading Sustainability and Innovation at The Marketing Store (TMS), with a current priority focus on McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Ben has been at TMS for 12 years and has held a number of global roles over that time including VP Product Development and Innovation, based in Hong Kong and VP of Marketing and Operations.

Ben’s background is in Design Engineering, and his career has covered almost all aspects of toy design, development and production. He has also led our global network of client-facing Account teams, Licensing/Brand partnerships and the Product Creative and Innovation teams that design and develop our Happy Meal programs and toys.

Common communication platforms and processes are critical to the success of the Happy Meal development at TMS. Understanding consumer insights and expectations around play values drives innovation and sustainability considerations in our effort to maintain excitement and loyalty from the core consumers, kids and families.

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